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Initial Therapy by Stabilization Splint in Patients with Complete Dentures

Tomislav Badel
Josip Pandurić
Miljenko Marotti

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Patients often wear inadequate complete dentures that become functionally unacceptable due to marked abrasion of the prosthetic teeth and resorption of the denture bone foundation. Symptoms of dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint may also occur. Because of the uncontrollably reduced vertical dimension of complete dentures and the treatment of the signs of temporomandibular dysfunction, as confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging, wearing of a stabilization (vertical) splint is indicated. The splint is made in an articulator where occlusal relationships are checked and corrected. During the therapy the patient’s subjective symptoms and objective findings are monitored. Successful initial therapy is a precondition for success in final prosthetic treatment by complete dentures.

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complete dentures, initial therapy, stabilization splint

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