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“Smart” Tourism Destinations: A Framework for the Elaboration of an Implementation Model

Edvin Jurin

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In the period of intensive economic, sociological and cultural change, tourism destination management also needs to change. This requires a suitable model of implementation, with the appropriate methodology and a high-quality organisational structure. The concept of a destination as an integral identity and a portfolio of experience in a given location is a novelty. The novelty is that tourists will receive the conceptual and standardised promises as they have been communicated. This starts from a new paradigm where the tourist is part of the model called consideration economy, where the following consumer rule applies: “I want the service or brand that I need, at the very moment I need it”.

The two key premises for redesigning the management of a tourism destination are: a) the present is managed from the future; b) emotion is a key component of a destination as a brand. The purpose of this paper is to point to the need to optimise destination management, and to explain a possible way to do this, through theoretical organisation and through the use of brand architecture. A series of tools and techniques already exists, together with necessary monitoring and auditing for possible correction.

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tourism destination, brand architecture, DMC, the blue ocean method

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