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Environmental-Ethical Aspect of the Evaluation of Plant Gene Technology

Katica Knezović ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu - Hrvatski studiji, Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Although the ethical evaluation of plant gene technology, regarding the notion of sustainable development, besides ecological dimension also takes into consideration economical and social dimensions, here will be presented exclusively components of the relation to the environment. The paper focuses primarily on environmental stability of agro-ecological systems exposed to the effects of genetically modified strains, introducing them into the environment and growing on large areas. It brings up questions whether these plants present a new threat to the ecological balance (1) and how they correspond to the principles of sustainable development (2) and, regarding the mentioned, whether they are ethically acceptable. Phenomena observed while introducing such plants into the environment – such as: vertical (cross-breeding with other plants) and horizontal (transfer of genes to fungi, viruses and bacteria) gene transfer, effects on pests and weed, but also on useful organisms, as well as creating greater resistance and increasing the application of agro-chemicals, which can in return have a negative feedback on the stability of ecological systems – instigate special ethical questions which an evaluation of plant gene technology must face.

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plant gene technology, ecological stability, biological diversity, principle of sustainable development, agriculture, responsibility, equality of opportunity

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