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Daruvar Garden Architecture through History

Mirjana Jakčin Ivančić ; Osnovna škola u Đulovcu, Daruvar, Hrvatska

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Thermal waters have had crucial influence upon the arrangement and development of gardens in Daruvar, since various types of green vegetation are always arranged around them as ornament. The first gardens in Daruvar had been arranged in the 3rd or 4th century A.D., during the Roman era. The Daruvar gardens have maintained continuity throughout that entire time period (Slavic shrines; cloister of mediaeval Benedictine abbey; the Turkish Ilidža; Baroque gardens in the 18th and 19th centuries; the gardens of today). In the 18th century, Count Antun Janković had two gardens arranged – health resort gardens in 1762, and 1771-1780, gardens around his Baroque castle. The health resort gardens in Daruvar are the oldest gardens of this type in the continental part of Croatia. Baroque-classicistic and landscape elements of garden architecture had been combined during several phases in order for the gardens to be arranged. On the turn between the 19th and 20th centuries, they were considered to be among the best known and the most beautiful health resort gardens in the state. The concept and the size of the gardens have been preserved until the present date. Court gardens are among the oldest gardens in Slavonia. They had been arranged by combining two styles of garden architecture – Baroque and landscape; the Baroque parterre in front of the castle is surrounded by landscape gardens. The gardens had been parcelled out on several occasions, so that today, they cover only one sixth of their original size. These are one of our rare historical gardens, in which elements of styles they had belonged to in the past are still present, as are several exempla of the types of herbs dating from the first years of the arrangement of those gardens. Among them is the male exemplum of Ginkgo biloba, which is protected as a monument of garden architecture. Other types of public greens accompany gardens as well. Among them, the most important are the Daruvar lines of trees.

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Baroque gardens; Daruvar; Court gardens; cloister; health resort gardens; history of garden architecture; mediaeval gardens

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