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Croatian Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Context of the Declarative and Realistic Spatial Coverage of the Croatian Community / Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia (1991–1994)

Saša MRDULJAŠ orcid id ; Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar – Centar Split, Split

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str. 825-850

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In this paper the author analyses the character of the Croatian
positional policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the context of its
(initial) positions regarding the size of the Croatian unit in a
complexly organised Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as its
subsequent influence in that area. Based on insight, the
conclusion has been reached that due to pretensions against a
number of Serbian and Bosnian ethnic spaces in Bosnia and
Herzegovina, the mentioned positions could justifiably have been
understood in a negative way, especially on the Serbian and Bosnian side. However, the Croatian policy for establishing an
autonomous Croatian territorial unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina
was mostly reduced to Croatian ethnic spaces and their
protection, with a willingness, expressed at negotiations held
under the auspices of the international community, to accept that
the Croatian unit include even less territory than covered by
Croatian ethnic spaces in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Croats; Serbs; Muslims/Bosniacs; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatian community / Republic of Herzeg- -Bosnia; international community

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