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For Christian theology. Deliberating the specifcity of Christian theology

Ante Mateljan

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str. 281-300

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In this article, the author starts with the ‘specifcity’ of Christian theology which is based on the confession of faith in Jesus Christ as true God and true man, and also the theological view of time perceived as the history of salvation. In order to be truly Christian, theology is focused on entering into the sacrament of Jesus Christ, and is in itself dialogical, organic and ecclesiastical and should develop within a context of content and life of authentic Christian faith. Even though it tries to find answers to all existential questions of every man and of all time, Christian theology is inseparable with a theologian who displays the answer of faith in a scientific way. Finally, in a dialogue with contemporary natural and human science, the concept of time, of history and perception of the human person is the key to Christian theology. In the end, the author, together with a ‘Decalogy for Christian theology’, concludes that various efforts of trying to realize integral Christian theology can be fulfiled only if they are based on the idea of love which should be placed at the center of theological and anthropological speech.

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Christian theology, distinctiveness of theology, interdisciplinarity of theology

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