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Today when we celebrate the end of work of Senj’s glagolitic press in Senj, which – as known – worked successfully from 1494 until 1508, which is described in great detail in the literature , it is good to remember the beginning of the printing art because it is closely connected to a specially important activity related to book i.e. book printing. The invention of printing was related to the name of Johannes Gutenberg who in 1455 in Mainz finished his first typographic work – the famous Latin Bible on 1,282 leaves in two columns of 42 lines. Since then i.e. from 1455 until 1500, which is considered to be the beginning of the development of printing and books printed in this period were called incunabulas. We can be proud to say that Croats belong to these small number of European people who had their incunabula i.e. their own books printed in their territory during the first decades of printing.

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Senj glagolitic press, Senj and Mainz, Gutenberg, incunabula

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