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During April and November 2007 within the scientific project Identities and ethno genesis of Coastal Bunjevci under the leadership of Milana Černelić, PhD, from the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb some elements of the spiritual culture of the coastal Bunjevci in the area of Velebit Podgorje were researched. Despite the depopulation of this area and the complete disappearance of oral tradition, a large number of oral legends about buried treasure were noted. Podgorci (people from Podgorje) remember how many people (amongst them) unsuccessfully searched various locations although some people had found something and had become rich in this way. Although it seems that these legends are unique and local, their motifs have certain parallels in the oral literature and beliefs of southern Slavs and further afield.
First of all the perception of the Greeks who lived in these areas log ago comes up. The inhabitants believe that the remains of settlements spread in the environment belonged to Greeks and they tell stories how they moved here because of the snow, which happened in summer, more precisely on St. Peter’s day. According to the tales, the Greeks left their treasure in different places and they returned to take it later. They would occasionally find it or with thanks to the help of the local inhabitants. Podgorci remember different instructions on how to find the treasure, looking to the rising Sun, looking for places from where the sea can be observed in a special way or the location was written in the letters of books. Goats touching the treasure with their horns or often it can be found in a jar which in some cases was cursed. Further more, alongside with the stories of buried treasure, the motif of a snake which guards the treasure is related and together with the motif of the number nine it makes a connection with the ancient Slavic mythical perception of the world. Legends about buried treasure are related to some historic events and personalities such as the escape of King Bela or the curse of the King of Troy, but with specific natural creatures such as Strogir.
Despite the large spread of the motifs presented in legends noted during the research, their local components were not neglected. Here is emphasized the need for further interdisciplinary research which would have the aim in the creation of a map of the legendary environment of Podgorje. In this way it would be possible to underline potential archaeological localities as well as represent the oral tradition of this region for tourist purposes.

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oral legend, buried treasure, "Grci", snake guard, ancient Slavic mythology

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