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Marina Vukić - Vranješ ; Institute for applied science in agriculture, Belgrade, Serbia
Milan Adamović ; Institute for technology of mineral and other raw materials, Belgrade, Serbia
Mihajlo Radivojević ; Institut PKB Agroekonomik, Belgrade, Serbia
Šamanc Horea ; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Danijela Kirovski ; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ivan Vujanac ; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia

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In modern calf rearing an early development from calf to ruminant plays an important role. A faster rumen development and therefore ability of the digestive tract to ferment roughage and concentrate feed contributes to beneficial growth performance, health and productivity. Some recent studies show that insoluble cellulose and lignin rich fiber in prestarter and starter diet have positive influence on early intestinal development in non-ruminant species. Objective of the trial was to investigate the influence of VITACEL® 200 raw fiber concentrate (74% crude fiber, 90 % NDF) given in milk/milk replacer on performance parameters of calves. Trial was conducted on total 20 male Holstein calves divided in two groups (control and experimental) of 10 calves in group. Experiment started with 30 days of age and finished with 122 days of age. Both groups of calves received the same amount of the milk and milk replacer according to standard feeding regime until 80 days of age. In the milk and milk replacer experimental group of calves received raw fiber concentrate (Vitacel® 200, JRS Germany) at the dosage rate of 10 g/ L. Starter feed (18% crude protein), and alfalfa hay was fed ad libitum. Water was supplied trough automatic drinkers. Calves fed fiber concentrate in the liquid feed achieved 8, 69% higher final body weight (158, 9 kg vs. 146,2 kg) and 5,17% higher daily weight gain (1140g vs. 1084g, p<0,05). Concentrated feed intake per day was very similar in both groups but calves fed Vitacel® 200 during the liquid feeding phase utilized concentrated feed more efficiently compared to control calves (1.67 vs. 1,74). Level of glucose and pH value in the blood was higher in calves fed Vitacel® 200 (p>0,05). Earlier development of gastrointestinal tract in calves triggered by Vitacel® 200 enabled higher feed intake and better feed utilization.

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raw fiber, zootechnical parameters, calf nutrition

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