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Analysis of Internal Deletions of a Rat Col1a1 Promoter Fragment in Transfected ROS17/2.8 Cells

Ante Ivkošić
Mark S. Kronenberg
Alexander C. Lichtler
Barbara E. Kream

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The aim of this paper is identification of regulatory sequences downstream of –1683 base pairs (bp) in the rat Col1a1 promoter important for expression in osteoblasts. Previous findings suggest that a rat Col1a1 gene fragment extending from –1719 to +115 bp linked to the chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (CAT) reporter gene (ColCAT1719) is highly and selectively expressed in osteoblasts. Three internal deletions within the ColCAT1719 construct were generated and stably transfected into ROS 17/2.8 cells. CAT activity was measured in cell extracts. An internal deletion of ColCAT1719 from –1637 to –504 bp caused an almost complete loss of CAT activity, whereas deletions of –1284 to –905 bp and –1284 to –451 bp had little effect on CAT activity. We hypothesized that removal of a Runx2/Cbfa1 consensus site at –1376 bp may have caused the loss of activity produced by the –1637 to –504 bp deletion. To test this hypothesis, we produced a more restricted internal deletion of ColCAT1719 from –1418 to –1284 bp, which removes this site. This deletion did not affect promoter activity. Our results suggest that the Runx2 site at –1376 bp by itself does not influence Col1719 promoter activity. Future studies will focus on the region between –1637 to 1418 bp, which contains several potentially interesting transcription factor binding sites.

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Col1a1 promoter, osteoblast, Runx2, transfection

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