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The Cancellous Bone Multiscale Morphology-Elasticity Relationship

Ante Agić
Vasilije Nikolić
Budimir Mijović

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str. 409-414

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The cancellous bone effective properties relations are analysed on multiscale across two aspects; properties of representative volume element on micro scale and statistical measure of trabecular trajectory orientation on mesoscale. Anisotropy of the microstructure is described across fabric tensor measure with trajectory orientation tensor as bridging scale connection. The scatter measured data (elastic modulus, trajectory orientation, apparent density) from compression test are fitted by stochastic interpolation procedure. The engineering constants of the elasticity tensor are estimated by last square fitt procedure in multidimensional space by Nelder-Mead simplex. The multiaxial failure surface in strain space is constructed and interpolated by modified super-ellipsoid.

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cancellous bone, effective properties, microstructure

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