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Combining abilities and gene effect for 1000 seed weight and hectoliter mass in sunflower ( Helianthus annuus L.)

Anto Mijić
Miroslav Krizmanić
Ivica Liović
Marijan Bilandžić
Tomislav Duvnjak
Zvonimir Zdunić
Daniela Horvat
Goran Krizmanić

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str. 335-346

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Thousand seed weight and hectoliter mass are traits which in sunflower breeding program at Agricultural Institute Osijek is given significant attention. Important part in selection of desirable lines for mentioned traits presents estimation of general (GCA) and specific (SCA) combining ability, gene effect and selection of the best hybrid combinations. This investigation conducts 6 inbread lines, 15 two-way crosses, 15 experimental three-way crosses and three recognized hybrids. Griffings' analysis of diallel crossing is used in combining ability estimation. The highest 1000 seed weight in first year of investigation (1999) had combination 5A x 302 B, and in second year (101A x 103B) x RH- 28 and Fakir. The highest hectoliter mass values in first year had crosses 5A x 103B and 5A x 302B, and in second (272A x 302B) x RH- 28 and Olio. Line L-5 obtained the highest effects of GCA for both investigated traits, and beside this line, good general combinatory for 1000 seed weight is line L-103. The best combinations for 1000 seed weight are 5A x 302B and 101A x 103B. An effect of SCA for hectoliter mass wasn’t significant. Higher is a part of genetic in relation to environmental, and additive in relation to dominant variance for 1000 seed weight.

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sunflower; line; hybrid; combining abilities

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