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Setting new vineyards with autochtonous and introduced winegrape varieties in Istria County from 1994. till 2004.

Đanfranko Pribetić
Anita Silvana Ilak Peršurić

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This paper presents a program for establishing long term plantations-vineyards, an example on the County level. The development policy of Istra County is directed in long term sense to agricultural and tourism development. These two branches have a long cultural heritage and are base of the economic strength.
By accessing in to the European Union, Croatia should oblige new laws and plantations establishment, particularly vineyards too. Therefore a strategy of planting in the forthcoming years is a priority of State and County policy. Through subvention measures a County can enhance viticulture development. Based on sufficient financial support to farmers the renewal of existing vineyards and establishment on new ones are possible in Istra, what will be showed in this paper for the last decade.
This paper refers to several questions: the question of transplanting or non-existent nursery gardens, demand for certain grape varieties, considering farmers preferences to varieties, and statistical data projections of vineyards, respectively the inconsistent way of gathering and processing data giving nonconsitent results.

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vineyards, Istria County, agricultural policy

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