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Marinko Ogorec ; Institut za istraživanje i razvoj obrambenih sustava Ministarstva obrane Republike Hrvatske

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The Russian Armed Forces have started a new reform with their almost complete qualitative and quantitative transfigure which is supposed to finish in 2012. Reform processes in Russian Armed Forces of such amplitude are usually connected with the most recent experiences from war conflicts in which they participated, so even these reforms are connected with experiences from the recently ended Russian-Georgian conflict in which Russia accomplished a fast military victory. The Russian-Georgian conflict was lead in the style of conventional wars of the 20th century and it can be said that it was the first conflict of that kind in the new century with which the hypothesis how the conventional wars are a definite history and how eventual conflicts of the new age will have exclusively the shape and the content of asymmetrical conflicts-simplificatedly said-will be lead as different shapes of terrorist-antiterrorist actions and operations, has been completely devaluated. Throughout the Russian-Georgian conflict the Russian Armed Forces and the military leadership have gained a full affirmation of value of the reform processes performed in Putin’s era, but simultaneously there has been a showing of a sequence of weaknesses, due to which the Russian Armed Forces, no matter on the doubtless brilliant success, have again started a new cycle of reform processes, which were initiated by the president Medvedev after the end of the conflict. Currently it is rather difficult to filtrate their possible success because they just began, however the Russian Army has up till now implemented an extremely large qualitative transformation during a relatively short period, which represents an assurance also in this case.

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Russia, Russian-Georgian conflict, reform of armed forces, war experiences

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