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Te concept of freedom and fght for freedom of speech in Vlado Gotovac’s work

Irena Sever

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Te view of diversity with Vlado Gotovac does not reveal just one form of his political activity but also his relationship towards transcendence and its values. Terefore, Gotovac’s advocacy of the right to be diferent has a horizontal and vertical dimension, that is the unquestionable right to respect diference is realized through the enforcement of justice and freedom, just as the acceptance of such diversity through justice and freedom includes the accepting of the transcendence, that is Eternity as the basic and irreversible basis and reason for such diversity. For Gotovac, accepting diversity is a pre-condition for respecting the individual in all his human dignity, society in its healthy functioning state and the world in its survival. Such diversity can be found only in the acceptance of Eternity as the premordial origin of the human person, the basis of his dignity and the principle of his existence. As seen through the prism of its origin in Eternity, Gotovac’s individual is justifed as a separate and unrepeatable individual with all his riches, rights and duties which include our human right to simply be a person.

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diversity, individual, society, eternity, freedom

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