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Franjo Šanc' Contribution to the Contemporary Studies of Aristotle's Philosophy

Miljenko Belić ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The paper »Sententia Aristotelis de compositione corporum..«, (Zagreb, 1928) very comprehensively presented the long-time unnoticed circumstance, namely that Aristotle mentions »hyle« (= on matter, material) in two meanings: firstly as a defined material in a scientific sense, secondly as an analogous »hyle«, Le. the individual considered from an abstract but onto-logical point of view, as such remaining undefmed but subject to definition. This subtle difference involves some essential philosophical issues. Ignoran¬ce of this fact has resulted, even in some important points, in a misjudge¬ment of Aristotle, imputing him to be imprecise and inconsequent. Recent investigations of Aristotle's teaching have some shown that not only Éanc' results cannot be questioned, but, on the contrary, his interpretation makes it easier for us to accept the results of these recent investigations in further elaboration of this subject. This also applies to this paper. Accepting the constatation that in the solution of Parmenid's problems Ari¬stotle did not apply his teachings of possibility-reality we heve compared Aristotle's texts in this connection. These texts have shown that Aristotle's thoughts broadened and grew: firstly in the case of the fundamental outlines of the analogy of being, secondly in the fundamental outlines of the hitherto undeveloped teaching on »hyle« in a figurative sense, and, finally, applica¬tion of the teachings on possibility-reality. Studies of Aristotle's teaching ha¬ving reached us in so-called fragments have shown that the teachings on possibility-reality have been applied to observations on being at a comparti-vely late stage.

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