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PAIDEIA. The Old Greek Educational Form

Marko Pranjić orcid id ; Hrvatski studiji, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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str. 9-21

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There are historic heritage values that permanently maintain their freshness, strength, beauty and profound humanistic sense in spite of their long-lasting spread throughout history. Study and knowledge of man’s creative efforts have shown that the law of general progress is imminently related to the need of growing and more profound notion of man’s position in the world and its reflection on the man. Greek antique culture or paideia confirms the basis of these premises and with its almost unfailing content it reveals general and permanent significance of all the things created by the Greek spirit in art, literature, science, philosophy, pedagogy, law, ethics etc. In the broadest sense of the word, throughout centuries the Greek culture attracts attention of the experts as well of the amateurs. Studying and interpretation of its content has become the subject of interest of the wide range of scientific disciplines of almost every educated person at all. Consequently WestEuropean pedagogy which recognizes its beginnings in the Antique, especially in the Greek and the Roman Antique, could not stand aside, and like all other sciences it started turning back to its sources and its roots.

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Homer, paideia, formation, education, idea, character

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