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Teachers’ Code Based on Kant’s Statement of Duty

Mladen Živković ; Don Cvjetka Marasovića 6, Vis, Hrvatska

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The explicit teachers’ code is an essential part of teaching profession. The unitary code for Croatian teachers is needed. Code should be based on ethical principles, short, clear, and abstract. Only that could prevent inflation of codes which will not improve establishment of professional ethics. This paper demonstrates that ethical foundation of teachers’ code could be found in ethical doctrine of Immanuel Kant. This represents standing point for analysis of some existing ethical codes. Paper indicates that those ethical codes are greatly influenced by imperatives of resourcefulness and therefore do not match criteria based on Kantian ethics. H. von Hentig Socratic Oath is the one that most closely embraces those demands.

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Kantian ethics, categorical imperative, imperatives of resourcefulness, basic duties, dignity of man, Socratic Oath

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