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Dynamism in Stability: Religiosity in Croatia in 1999 and 2008

Gordan ČRPIĆ ; Centar za promicanje socijalnog nauka Crkve Hrvatske biskupske konferencije, Zagreb
Siniša ZRINŠČAK ; Pravni fakultet, Zagreb

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This paper is based on the results of the European Values Study
carried out in Croatia in 2008 on a sample of 1525 individuals,
adults living in Croatia. The study was performed to compare the
state of religiosity in Croatia to that of 1999 when the same
population was tested with the same questionnaire during the
first study. The basic dimension of religiosity was studied. We
were interested in whether there have been significant changes in
the dynamics of religious life in Croatia, and in which direction
these changes might be going. The results obtained indicate that
the level of religiosity in Croatia continues to be high and stable,
although some significant changes are visible. For individual
indicators we note a slight decrease in the level of religiosity,
particularly in respect of denominational identification, attending
religious services and the public role of the Church where a
significant decrease in confidence in the Church was noted,
particularly in the ability of the Church to provide an adequate
response to moral, spiritual, family and social problems and
questions. On the other hand, many indicators remain stable
and Croatia continues to be among the most religious countries
in Europe. One result of the research of particular importance is
insight into the dynamics of changes in the structure of religiosity.
An increased share of young people compared to older people
was registered among the religious, as well as an increase in the
share of men and a decreased share of women.

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European Values Study, denominational identification, religiosity, belief, alternative beliefs, public role of the Church, Croatia

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