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Croatian bibliographies on Petrić

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To date, Croatian researchers of philosophi- cal heritage have compiled four bibliographies on Frane Petrić. The first bibliography owes its compilation to Vladimir Premec, published in his work Franciskus Patricijus in 1968; the second was the result of co-authorship of Vladimir Pre- mec and Franjo Zenko in 1979, occasioning the
450th anniversary of Petrić’s birth as an unpagi- nated supplement of the Zagreb reprint of Petrić’s Nova de universis philosophia; the third was published in 1993 in the journal Studia historiae philosophiae Croaticae, its authors being Vladimir Premec, Franjo Zenko, Mihaela Girardi Karšulin and Ljerka Schiffler; the fourth bibliography was compiled by Ivica Martinović and published in the journal Dubrovnik in 1997. The first three bibliographies cover the period from Petrić’s time to the moment of publication, while Martinović’s bibliography “Bibliografija o Frani Petriću između dviju ob-ljetnica 1979.-1997.” spans a period be- tween two anniversaries.

Premec’s “Bibliografija radova o Patriciju” (“Bibliography of the works on Patricije”) contains
401 entries and has earned general appraisal for two main reasons: he is the first Croatian scholar to have submitted a bibliography on Frane Petrić; his bibliography serves as a valuable source for

a more detailed study of Petrić’s life and work. Regrettably, this bibliography is not flawless. Ap- parently as many as 195 entries are incomplete, mainly because into his bibliography Premec included almost all the entries printed in the two earlier bibliographies of Petrić: that published in
1912 by Pietro Donazzolo and the 1935 bibliogra- phy, the author of which was Paola Maria Arcari. From these two Italian scholars Premec simply borrowed 294 entries together with the original comments, errors and inaccuracies. Despite this fact the contribution of Premec’s bibliography is very valuable. “Bibliografija radova o Patriciju” brings as many as 66 new entries, which, ha- ving been previously published, may have been included in the bibliography compiled by Dona- zzolo and Arcari. Many of the “new” entries owe their content to Croatian authors, as, for example, Franjo Jelašić, Franjo Marković, Tin Ujević or Nikola Žic. Premec’s bibliography surpassed its Italian predecessors in the following: entries on Petrić dominate in his bibliography; the latter affirms the Croatian scientific and publicistic con- tribution to the study of the life and work of the Cres philosopher.

Apart from being incomplete, many entries in Premec’s bibliography are also incorrect. It thus includes entries which have no reference to Petrić, as, for example, the first edition of Bibliotheca universalis published by Konrad Gesner in 1545 and Mémoires of Jean Pierre Niceron (1727-1745) in 43 volumes.

Bibliographies from 1979 and 1993 owe much to Premec’s bibliography: the former brings only
14 new entries, while the latter as many as 160,
thanks mainly to greater scholarly interest in Frane Petrić initiated by the Institute of Phi- losophy in Zagreb and the editorial policy of its journal Prilozi za istraživanje hrvatske filozofske baštine oriented towards publishing contributions on Petrić. Since the authors of the 1979 and 1993 bibliographies have adopted the entries from Pre- mec’s earlier bibliography, both suffer from an abundance of incomplete and faulty bibliographi- cal data.

In the triple issue of the journal Dubrovnik, occasioning the 400th anniversary of Petrić’s death, Ivica Martinović published “Bibliografija o Frani Petriću između dviju obljetnica 1979.-
1997.” (“Bibliography on Frane Petrić between two anniversaries 1979-1997”), including 229 entries. Viewed methodologically, the entries of this bibliography follow the scholarly guidelines of bibliography entry writing, exemplifying in terms of style and content a standard bibliographical unit. When unable to trace a bibliographical entry, Martinović, unlike his predecessors, made a refe- rence to his source - the distinguished ISIS Cu- rrent Bibliography.
Incomplete and inaccurate bibliographic en- tries that characterize the first three Croatian bibliographies on Petrić as well as the two listed by the two Italian authors call for a prompt com- pilation of a new bibliography on Petrić, which, with special regard for the earlier period, would be based on accurate data and compiled according to consistent methodological rules as the ones Ivica Martinović has introduced in his special biblio- graphy on Petrić.
Translated by Vesna Baće

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Frane Petrić; bibliography; Pietro Donazzolo; Paola Maria Arcari; Vladimir Premec; Franjo Zenko; Mihaela Girardi Karšulin; Ljerka Schiffler; Ivica Martinović

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