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Criminal responsibility for the violence and misconduct at the sporting events in the Republic of Serbia

Nenad Đurđević

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Violence at the sporting events, especially at football matches, has still been a disturbing problem to all European countries taking various forms with obvious tendention of spreading from stadium facilities to nearby surroundings outside the stadium, involving wider urban areas. The Republic of Serbia has reason not to be only disturbed, but confused, frightened and terrified as well, by the intensity and scope of the violence at sporting events or related to sporting events during last couple of years, that took many lives and caused numerous serious and light bodily injuries and enormous material damage. The author analyzes in his work statutory and practical meausures in the field of criminal responsibility taken by state authorities of the Republic of Serbia on preventing violence and misconducts at the sporting events. The problem particulary exists in the matters of criminal responsibility and misdemeanor liability, since all the legal acts that have been enacted during the last decade proved to be insufficent in achieving goals of general and individual prevention.

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violence and misconduct; sporting events; criminal responsibility in sport; spectator; stadium ban sanction; security; police

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