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Company as the organizer and manager of sports competitions - international tennis tournament

Siniša Petrović
Marijana Liszt
Vesna Marić Horvat

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According to the existing Law on Sport, one of the particular business activity in the area of sport is organization of sporting competitions. That activity may be pursued only by sport associations, as non profit legal entities and by sport public limited liability companies, which are sports-specific public limited liability companies. Thus, the Law does not allow other companies and corporations to pursue the activity of organizing sporting competitions. It is the view of the authors that such restrictive provision of the Law is neither rational nor logical. In general, any restriction as to the legal form in which a particular activity may be performed should be the last resort in the attempt to have any kind of control over the pursuit of the business activity. The existing legislation, thus unfortunately to a great extent prevents private initiative and private capital to be invested in these kind of sporting activities. Provided that the intention of the legislator was to make room for control over those activities, the same goal could have been achieved by other, less restrictive means.

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sports activities; organizing and conducting sports competitions; sports organizations; sports joint stock company; a company

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