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Some aspects of misdemeanors pursuant to the prevention of riots at sport competitions act

Damir Primorac
Željko Duvnjak
Stipe Roso

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Recently, we have borne witness to more frequent unlawful behavior at sport competitions in the Republic of Croatia. It is precisely because of this that the topic is being publicly discussed more often and has resulted in the Prevention of Riots at Sport Competitions Act. Even though this law, passed in 2003, was of great significance in regulating this very important problem area, its amendments were approached quickly given that some important issues had not yet been addressed. The first amendment to that Act was in 2006 and the other in 2009. Every amendment contributed to better regulation of preventing, combating and sanctioning unlawful behavior. However, in the authors’ opinion, there are other issues still left unresolved and these will be discussed in this paper.

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fans; misdemeanors; Prevention of Riots at Sport Competitions Act; violence; riots; sanctions

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