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Insurance in sport

Maja Proso

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Author argues that every sports persons, sports team and sports authorities sholud buy a sports insurance policy to shield themselves against possible financial losses arising from a sporting event. Sport insurance offers financial cover against, among other, medical expenses, accidental damage and liability claims incurred during a sports activity. The most common forms of sports insurance are accident insurance and general liability insurance.The availability of the best possible medical treatment reduces the threat of lawsuits against sports authorities by the injured player if a sportman have accident insurance contract in sport. General liability insurance policy pays for bodily injury to any spectator or player due to the negligence of the sports authorities. The policy pays for the legal cost of defending the indemnity action. Thousands of people who participate in sporting activities every day in the world should consider what consequences a sporting accident might have for them. They could break a leg, twist back, suffer damage to your teeth or sustain a head injury. Sport activity may cause heavy financial losses sportmen may face if they suffer an accident at sport or negligently cause injury to someone else. In these days of no-win-no-fee claims, people will have few obstacles to suing you for possibly thousands of pounds in damages. Sport risks are even higher for porfessional sportmen. Sport insurance helps everybody involved around sport to cope with high risks of grave financial losses caused by sport accident or damage caused by negligently act, and serenity while taking sport activity.

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sport; accident insurance; liability insurance; damages

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