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Medicus christianus - alter Christus

Valentin Pozaić ; Filozofsko-teološki institut Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 335-341

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Addressing the founding meeting of the Society of Croatian Catholic Physicians in Zagreb, the author reviewed the ethical foundations of the Society's activity in three parts, beginning with "Apostolicam Actuositatem". First, he emphasized the fundamental value and inviolability of human life in the light of Christian anthropology. Second, opposing a culture of death and multiple possibilities for the manipulation of human life, he appealed for a culture of life. Third, the author presented the holistic ethical-moral point of view according to which the central preoccupation of all physicians is concern for the patient as an individual. The physician who passes through the realm of human life, suffering and death, with the heart of the merciful Samaritan realizes an exalted ideal: Medicus christianus-alter Christus.

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