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A Synthetic Indicator of Demographic Resources: Contribution to the Typology of Croatian State Territory

Ivo Nejašmić ; Geografski odsjek PMF-a Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Roko Mišetić ; Institut za migracije i narodnosti

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The purpose of this paper is to work out a synthetic indicator, which would help in identification, evaluation and comparison of demographic resources. The secondary aim is to form a spatial unit typology in the Republic of Croatia according to the synthetic indicator’s value. The synthetic indicator has been named demographic resources index (ider ). It consists of two basic components: demographic index (idem ) and education index (io ). Population size is included in the calculation, specifically as a corrective in the form of a coefficient (k). The first index-component consists of eleven variables. It includes a general direction of demographic changes in the past period, the most important indicators of demographic potential and the synthetic indicator of the population natural change and age structure. The second index component consists of four variables. It includes the characteristics of the population’s attained level of education, as well as indications of the most educated contingent’s future proportions. Based on the obtained values of the synthetic indicator, a typology of Croatian territorial units has been formed with six types of demographic resources, and their basic characteristics have been determined. The synthetic indicator of demographic resources has turned out to be relevant and applicable on all levels of Croatian territorial units.

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demographic resources; spatial typology (geography); spatial distribution of population; demogeography; Croatia

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