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The Overview and Evaluation of Phytosanitary System in CompaniesAuthorised for the Treatment and Marking of Wooden Material for Packaging in International Trade

Vladimir Jambreković ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Radovan Despot ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Marin Hasan ; Šumarski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 125-143

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Because of the portability of the quarantine pests away from their usual area, under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), International standard ISPM 15 was made and accepted. ISPM 15 provides methods of treating wood packaging in international traffic which application reduces the risk of entering and / or spread of harmful quarantine organisms using the wooden material. By adoption of The rules of the phytosanitary requirements to be met by wood packaging material in international transport (Pravilnik o fitosanitarnim zahtjevima kojima mora udovoljavati drveni materijal za pakira nje u međunarodnom prometu, NN 14/06), Republic of Croatia also incorpo rated standard ISPM 15 into their legislation. During the five-year activities phytosanitary system was established, and 84 companies are authorized to independently conduct heat treatment (HT) and to mark wooden packaging materials. Companies are well distributed throughout Croatia, which allows the Croatian economy unimpeded international trade of goods. During phytosanitary inspection, in the 67 authorized companies it has been found that all the companies properly carry out the heat treatment, while the main problems arise in the development of the Manual of authorized companies, traceable records, maintaining and certifying measuring equipment and marking of wooden packaging materials in international commerce. Observed deficiencies are mainly internal in character and have not caused adverse effects in international traffic. Following record of phytosanitary inspection, companies are obliged to remove the perceived shortcomings before the next inspection.

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heat treatment (HT), ISPM 15, marking, phytosanitary inspection, phytosanitary system, wooden material for packaging

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