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Generalized Operations on Maps

Mircea V. Diudea
Monica Stefu
Peter E. John
Ante Graovac

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str. 355-362

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A map M is a combinatorial representation of a closed surface. Convex polyhedra, starting from the Platonic solids and going to spherical fullerenes, can be operated to obtain new objects, with a larger number of vertices and various tiling. Three composite map operations: leapfrog, chamfering and capra, play a central role in the fullerenes construction and their electronic properties. Generalization of the above operations leads to a series of transformations, characterized by distinct, successive pairs in the Goldberg multiplication formula m(a,b). Parents and products of most representative operations are illustrated.

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operations on maps, fullerenes, perfect Clar structures, perfect Corannulenic structures, negatively curved units

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