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After-effect of the collective agreement - (un)necessary rule?

Ivana Grgurev ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The incentive for this paper on the extended application of a collective agreement is the amendment to the Labour Act, proposed by the Croatian Government, which has resulted in a strong reaction of the trade unions (including the organization of a petition for a legislative referendum). The author uses legal-historical and comparative methods to look into the after-effect of a collective agreement. Firstly, the author explains the purpose of the after - effect by briefly analyzing its legal-historical background. Following that, the provisions of the Croatian Labour Act on the after-effect are compared with the corresponding provisions in other European legal systems. In the concluding part, the author suggests that the legislator should amend the (aforementioned) provisions to avoid the existing doubts in its application, however this should not be done by adopting the amendment spelled out by the Croatian Government.

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after-effect, legal provisions, collective agreement

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