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Opportunities or using cellular phone systems in tourist movement research

Wieslaw Alejziak

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During the conference held for the tourist industry and the development of tourism research, which was entitled Regional Research on Tourist Services Consumers and was organized by the Polish Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism (November 24-25 in Warsaw) a new and original method of researching tourist movement was presented for the first time, one whose aim is to facilitate measuring of the quantity of tourist movement. This method was presented by Dr. Wiesław Alejziak, representing the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation at the Krakow Academy of Physical Education and the Tourism Economics Department of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. The system presented was called TelSKART© (Polish: Telefoniczny System Komorkowej Analizy Ruchu Turystycznego), i.e. the Telephone System for Cellular Analysis of Tourist Movement. This system is a method based on using modern technologies, specifically the GSM mobile telephone system.

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tourist movement, cellular phone system, tourism research

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