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Alcoholism - How It Affects Health and Working Capacity

Eugenija Žuškin
Vlado Jukić
Jasna Lipozenčić
Ana Matošić
Jadranka Mustajbegović
Nada Turčić
Dijana Poplašen-Orlovac
Alef Prohić
Marija Bubaš

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Alcoholism is a growing medical and public health issue both in adult and in younger populations. It is a multi-aetiological phenomenon influenced by genetic, psychological, cultural and other factors. Alcoholic beverages have traditionally been prepared from various ingredients, such as grapes, malt, and rice. Drinking prevalence has varied and is more pronounced in women and the youth. Alcoholism is shown to be of neurophysiologic origin and may lead to the impairment of all human body systems. The most frequent cause of death in alcoholics are the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Alcoholism at workplace is a very important issue as it affects health, reduces productivity, and may lead to accidents, injuries and decreased working capacity. Alcohol-related difficulties develop much earlier than the clinical picture. The diagnosis of alcoholism includes early detection of alcohol-related problems, so it is necessary to orient the healthcare services towards primary prevention and early intervention.

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alcoholism, health, working capacity, alcoholics anonymous, abstinence syndrome, dependency syndrome, health care, health syndrome, impairments of body systems, prevention, workplace

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