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Good housewives. The education of young women in Slavonia during the second half of the 19th century

Dinko Župan

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The author is researching the problem of women’s education in Slavonia during the second half of the 19th century. In that period there was the founding of the girls’ secondary school in Požega, Đakovo, Osijek and Vinkovci and several women’s vocational schools were opened in Slavonia (Osijek, Daruvar, Nova Gradiška, Brod, Vinkovci, Požega and Ilok). Most of the students in girls' secondary school came from the middle class and the curriculum was adapted to them. The girls' secondary schools were supposed to be the principal centres for moulding the behaviour of middle class girls. The aim of the girls’ secondary and vocational schools was to turn the female students into good housewives. The school system of the 19th century made so called “natural” categories of femininity and masculinity, which was visible in teaching programmes, school regulations, and school manuals, as well as in the organisation of the school itself, especially when it comes to the girls’ secondary and women’s vocational schools. According to the opinions of the then educational authorities, doctors and psychologists, “the real woman” was the one who completely fulfilled her duties as a housewife, wife and mother.

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Education of women; girls' secondary schools; good housewives; Slavonia; 19th century

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