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A review of the more important papers about the Germans in Požega and the Požega Valley

Vladimir Geiger

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More than 2,500 thousand Germans, predominantly of Catholic, but also of Evangelistic faith, who had moved there in the 18th and 19th century, lived in Požega and the Požega Valley before the end of World War II. Their concentration was the greatest in Kula, Poreč, Darkovac, Požega, Ciglenik, Mihaljevci, Tominovci, Kutjevo, Čaglin, Jakšić, Kaptol, Vetovo, Pleternica, Jurkovac, Poljanska, Zarilac, Grabarje, Alilovci, Vilić Selo, Eminovci, Sapna, Bektež, Bertelovci, but they lived in other villages in the Požega Valley as well.
The paper reviews the most important and most interesting works about Germans in Požega and the Požega Valley written in the German language by Croatian Germans, predominantly tracing their origin to Požega or its surroundings, but also by German and Austrian historians and researchers belonging to affiliate sciences. It reviews papers published between mid-1930s and today in Croatia, Germany and Austria, books, and articles from various anthologies, magazines and papers. It also includes papers about Germans in Požega and the Požega Valley written in the Croatian language and published in Croatia in more recent times. The mentioned works provide a multitude of data about the history of the Germans in Požega and the Požega Valley, as well as a number of interesting pictures and photographs. They are also indispensible in attempts to form a clear picture about the history of Požega and the Požega Valley.

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Historiography and publicist writing; Požega and the Požega Valley; Germans

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