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The last two centuries of the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Pécs in Northern Slavonia and Baranja

Zlata Živaković-Kerže

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By virtue of Pope Clement XIV’s “Universi orbis Ecclesiis” decision, the court in Vienna and the Holy See united the Diocese of Srijem with the Diocese of Ðakovo and Bosnia in a personal union on July 9th, 1773. The Bishop of Bosnia, with Ðakovo as his seat, was at the helm of both of the dioceses. Even though the parishes in Srijem, the town of Osijek, and Bosnian Posavina were separated from the Diocese of Pécs on July 30th, 1781 and integrated into the Diocese of Bosnia or Diocese of Ðakovo and Srijem, along with some of the parishes in the Diocese of Zagreb and twelve parishes in the Deanery of Valpovo, they still remained a part of the Diocese of Pécs. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Hungaria’s southern part, Baranja, became a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes by virtue of the Treaty of Trianon in 1921, but it remained a part of the Diocese of Pécs. Even though the area of northern Slavonia and Baranja was detached from the Diocese of Pécs by a Decree of the Holy Congregation for Bishops on October 30th, 1971, the ceremony of their unification with the Diocese of Ðakovo or Bosnia and Srijem was held on October 22nd, 1971 in Beli Manastir and on October 29th, 1972 in Valpovo. The areas of Baranja and northern Slavonia were then finally legally (de iure) united with the Diocese of Ðakovo or Bosnia and Srijem after almost two centuries.

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Parishes; Northern Slavonia; Baranja; Diocese of Pécs; Diocese of Ðakovo or Bosnia and Srijem; 18th century; 20th century

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