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The Needs for Additional Knowledge and Skills in the Work Market of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County

Tatjana Badrov ; Bjelovar, Hrvatska

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During the last two decades, considerable changes took place in the economy; these changes have exercised major impact on the work market. In the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, a high level of unemployment is present, particularly among young persons with no work experience, and there is an increase in the share of persons having been unemployed for a long period in the total unemployment statistics. The fact remains that the supply of work force does not fulfil the needs of the economy. In 2006, a research of the needs for additional knowledge and skills in the economy sector of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County was conducted. A sample of 1,594 firms and businesses was analysed to find out in which areas additional knowledge and skills of present and future employees and entrepreneurs in firms and businesses were needed, and to determine the correlation between the developmental plans of the entrepreneurs on the one hand and the needs for additional knowledge and skills on the other. It was established there was a slight correlation between business development plans and employment plans. It was further established that no statistically significant difference existed in the areas, in which additional knowledge and skills of present and future employees were needed. The entrepreneurs do recognise whether there is a need for additional knowledge and skills of present and future employees. Business development plans are tighter linked to the needs for additional knowledge and skills of present and future employees, though the entrepreneurs are not prepared to participate in the realisation of training programmes for students and workers. The entrepreneurs estimate that their own knowledge and skills are not adequate; however, they have demonstrated no notable level of interest in attending training programmes. A very important determinant in the County’s economic development is to harmonise the work market supply with the demands of the economy. The key issue in the context of linking the local educational and economic subsystems is therefore primarily the need to intensify the training programmes for entrepreneurs. The knowledge of techniques and methods for planning business operation and employment, the analysis of jobs and its linking to the demands related to jobs, for which employees need to dispose of additional knowledge and skills, may ensure higher-quality information regarding the adjustment of training programmes at all levels.

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education, life-long learning, knowledge, skills, work market, knowledge market, employability

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