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Marina Vokić Žužul ; Jadranski zavod HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Valerija Filipović ; Hrvatski hidrografski institut u Splitu, Hrvatska

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This paper analyses the international legal regulation of contiguous zone and
its implementation in practice of the states through the prism of the interests of the
Republic of Croatia, which has not yet proclaimed this zone. By 2010 contiguous
zones have been established by eighty five states, among which are fourteen member
states of the European Union. In accordance with articles 33 and 303 of the 1982
Convention, in its future contiguous zone Croatia may exercise the control necessary
to prevent and punish infringement of its customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary
regulations committed within its land territory, internal waters and territorial sea.
In the boundaries of this zone, which could encompass the area of 14 272 square
km, Croatia would also gain the rights concerning protection of archaeological and
historical objects found at sea, including punishment for their unauthorized removal
from the sea-bed within its internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone. In
favour of the establishment of Croatian contiguous zone there are also emphasized
the provisions of the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater
Cultural Heritage, which Croatia ratified among the first in the world. In accordance
with article 8 of this convention, states parties may regulate and authorize activities
directed at underwater cultural heritage within their contiguous zone. Due to protection
of valuable underwater archaeological sites located beyond the limit of territorial
sea, as well as better protection of Croatian interests in all four areas provided
by¸ article 33(1) of 1982 Convention, it is proposed that Croatian contiguous zone
be proclaimed as soon as possible.

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contiguous zone, coastal state, customs control, fiscal control, immigration regulations, sanitary regulations, underwater cultural heritage

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