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Marko Dragić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu, Split, Hrvatska

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Christmas Eve is the most magical night of the year, and is characterized by: bringing in a Yule-log, sprinkling with grain the log and the person who is carrying it; straw; candles; prayer; dinner; Christmas tree; creche'; waiting for Christmas Eve Mass; toast, congratulatory processions: Christmas carols, congratulators
who receive gifts, kabanari, visiting friends and neighbours; going to Christmas Eve Mass. References of the Yule-log in Croatia go back to 1272, but there was no significant technical and scientific work about Christmas Eve in the Croatian scientific literature until the mid-nineteenth century. However, in the folk memory, tradition has preserved to this day many former customs, rituals and processions
which took place on Christmas Eve. In this study there are one hundred twenty-two originally written examples from different parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In addition, examples from Serbia and Austria are quoted and interpreted.
Ancient pre-Christian motifs are observed in the customs, rituals, and processions on Christmas Eve, and their main feature is apotropeic and panspermic. Christmas Eve was celebrated by Bosnian Muslims, for example in the area of Prozor and Rama. A large number of these customs are forgotten, some of them are modified, and some are revitalized in our time.

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folk customs, processions and rituals, prayers, light, joy, cult of the deceased

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