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Zdravko Matotan orcid id ; Podravka d.d. Koprivnica
Svjetlana Matotan ; Podravka d.d. Koprivnica

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After successful two years testing of distinguish, uniformity and stability (DUS
test) in Variety Testing Station of Central Agricultural Office Republic of Hungary at
the end of 2009 first Croatian vegetable varieties with DUS test approved and inscribed
in the National Variety List. It is a kapia type pepper breeding lines K-1 and L-31
denominated as variety Podravka and Slavonka. Pepper varieties Podravka and
Slavonka was breed by the team of Agricultural Development Department of Podravka.
Both varieties are high yielding and have a very good processing quality.
Podravka is a mid-early variety of red kapia type pepper with the sixty centimeter
long stem and seven to eight large hanging fruits. It is of good leafiness which
effectively reduces the appearance of sunburns of the fruits. In the physiological
maturity fruit is of intensively red color, long and hearth-shaped. During the two years
period of testing, the average fruit weight was 165 grams, and the dry matter content
7,2%. Variety is primarily intended for processing into ajvar and filet production. It can
be successfully grown in the all lowlands part of Croatia, as it was especially noticed for
its high yield and quality during the test growth in the Podravina area.
When compared to Podravka, Slavonka is a little earlier variety, shorter for about
twenty centimeters, with a very firm, compact and stabile stem. The leaves are large and
successfully cover the fruits from excessive sunlight. Usually 8 to 9 fruits form on each plant. Average fruit weight during the two years testing period is estimated to 147
grams and the dry matter content to 7,0%. The ripening of fruits is fairly synchronized,
and during the physiological maturity gain intensive red color which remains during
processing. It can be successfully grown in almost every area of lowland Croatia.
During the test growth, it was especially successful in northwest Slavonia.

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pepper; variety; DUS test

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