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Nanostructures by Severe Plastic Deformation of Steels: Advantages and Problems

S. V. Dobatkin
J. Zrník
I. Mamuzić

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str. 313-321

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The aim of this paper is to consider the features of structure evolution during severe plastic deformation (SPD) of steels and its influence on mechanical properties. The investigation have been carried out mainly on low carbon steels as well as on austenitic stainless steels after SPD by torsion under high pressure (HPT) and equal channel angular (ECA) pressing. Structure formation dependencies on temperature deformation conditions, strain degree, chemical composition, initial state and pressure are considered. The role of phase transformations for additional grain refinement, namely, martensitic transformation, precipitation of carbide particles during SPD and heating is underlined.

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nano- and submicrocrystalline structure, severe plastic deformation (SPD), equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), steels

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