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Original scientific paper

The Influence of Genotype and Production Conditions on the Fertility of Sows in Outdoor System

Marija Uremović
Zvonimir Uremović
Zoran Luković
Miljenko Konjačić

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page 245-248

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The aim of investigation was detected effect of genotype and climate conditions on fertility of sows kept in the outdoor system. The fertility of Black Slavonian breed, F1-Black Slavonian x Duroc and F1 Swedish Landrace x Large White were proveded in conditions of continental climate and German Landrace in conditions of Mediterran climate. The number of live born piglets per litter was: 7.42, 8.54, 9.80 and 10.35 (P<0.01) and reared piglets per litter was: 6.62, 7.66, 8.03 and 9.45 (P<0.01). Higher death rates of piglets of F1- Swedish Landrace x Large White by 7.28% in relation to the Black Slavonian and by 7.70% in relation to F1 Black Slavonian x Duroc results from higher death rates of this combinations (23.67%) during a colde part of the year. The research shows that resistant genotypes: Black Slavonian breed and F1 Black Slavonian x Duroc are suitable for keeping in outdoor in conditions of the conetinetal climate. German Landrace breed provided to be suitable for keeping in the outdoor system of production in conditions of Mediterran climate. That confirm low mortality of piglets of 8,7%.


fertility, genotype, outdoor system of production, sow, death

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