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Original scientific paper

Agencies in Croatia: Something Old or Something New?

Anamarija Musa orcid id ; Chair of Administrative Science, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb,Zagreb, Croatia

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Agencification has been one of the main administrative developments
in the last decades. In post-socialist transitional
countries, agencies were introduced into a different institutional
landscape; the growth in the number of agencies
coincides with the process of the EU accession. The paper
explores the basic features of the agency model in Croatia
as well as the interconnectedness between the processes of
agencification and Europeanization of public administration.
Agencies in Croatia were created along with the advancement
of EU membership, without the development
of appropriate instruments of autonomy and control. The
opportunity for deeper institutional change and the development
of a genuine agency model has opened recently,
with the economic crisis, with agencies being perceived as
one of the main generators of blurred accountability and
ineffectiveness. The socialization of agency members in
the EU institutional context might lead to a new approach
to agency model.


agency, Croatia, Europeanization, administrative reform, autonomy, control

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