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Original scientific paper

Local survivor vs. global brand: Behavioural intention and brand loyalty tales of fast food restaurants

Erkan Sezgin ; Faculty of Tourism, Tourism, Management Department, Anadolu University, Turkey
Merve Özgür Göde ; Faculty of Tourism, Gastronomy and Culinary Art Department, Anadolu University, Turkey

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Standardization and service quality (SQ) are two important criterion for fast food restaurants (FFRs) and restaurant chains which are trying to survive in fierce competition. Both fast foot business (FFB) professionals and researchers try to understand customers' expectations on SQ in order to support FFRs' marketing efforts. The SQ is presumed relevant to customer satisfaction (CS) and CS affects behavioural intentions (BI) according to several studies in the literature. The relations among SQ, perceived value (PV), food quality (FQ), CS, behavioural intentions (BI) and brand loyalty (BL) were investigated by collecting the data of local and international FFRs' customers' perceptions. The results revealed that BI and BL are positively affected by the other variables when two types of restaurants' customers' perceptions are considered.


fast food restaurants; service quality; customer satisfaction; behavioural intentions; brand loyalty; Turkey

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