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Original scientific paper

Stayin' Alive? National Language and Internationalisation of Higher Education. The Case of Slovenia.

Monika Kalin Golob ; Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
Gaja Červ ; Waldorf School of Ljubljana
Marko Stabej ; Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
Mojca Stritar Kučuk ; Independent researcer
Samo Kropivnik ; Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

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The ‘dilemmas’ between multilingualism in theory and English as a lingua franca in practice concern the post-Bologna European higher education as a whole. The article presents the case of Slovenia by furthering the analysis of similar quandaries present in the Slovenian (higher education) language policy. The state of affairs is addressed by acknowledging the status of Slovenian as the official language of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as the need for a greater inclusion of foreign students and teachers and for further enhancement of the quality of higher education. The results of surveys conducted among the most important stakeholders in the Slovenian higher education in October 2012, with the aim of researching the viewpoints on the use of languages of instruction in higher education, are presented. The results were analysed with a view to the expressed standpoint on language use in higher education, which led to the formation of three opinion groups within the sample of students and university teachers of the University of Ljubljana. Based on the analysis of accessible sources, discussions, opinions, surveys and interviews some recommendations on the regulation of language use in higher education in Slovenia are provided.


higher education, internationalisation, language policy, Slovenian university policy

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