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Christian Spirituality as Sacrifice?

Ivan Platovnjak orcid id

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Sacrifice together with its various focuses and forms is present in every religion, including Christianity. It is also a part of every spirituality that constitutes a lived religion in every dimension of human life and work. Jesus Christ and his one-time sacrifice of himself on the cross have abolished all types of sacrifices present in the Old Testament and other religions, because he ultimately redeemed every person and the entire world. A justified question arises regarding this fact: Can we talk about Christianity, i.e. Christian spirituality as a lived faith in Christ’s Spirit as sacrifice? If the answer is no, why not? If yes, why so? What type of sacrifice is present in Christian spirituality if it is lived in Christ’s Spirit (Rom 8: 4.14)? In the first section of the discussion, the questions are answered by analyzing the results of the author’s survey entitled Sacrifice in Christian Spirituality (Survey 2016). The second section provides answers to the above questions based on the analysis and on certain authors’ opinions demonstrating the two fundamental conceptualizations of sacrifice as giving up and self-giving.


spirituality, Christianity, sacrifice, survey, giving up, self-giving, ascetic spirituality, Eucharistic spirituality

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