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Original scientific paper

Criminalistics and operative aspects of the attacks on the cash in transit vehicles in the Republic of Macedonia

Kire Babanoski ; Assistant professor at the Faculty of security sciences – Skopje
Ice Ilijevski ; Assistant professor at the Faculty of security – Skopje
Zlate Dimovski ; Full professor at the Faculty of security – Skopje

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Cash in transit is a term used to describe the banknotes in the process
of transfer from one location to another. During this process, a
whole array of risks, threats, dangers and vulnerabilities arise. As
much as the value of the assets is greater, the more the transport is
the tempting target of attack by criminal, primarily, bandit groups.
Cash in transit vehicles attacks are criminal activities that are
carried out for the purpose of acquiring illegal property and they
contain elements of violence, brutality and aggression. From a
criminal and legal point of view, cash in transit vehicles attacks
are classifed as crimes against property, or rather as criminal
offenses of robbery. Studying the circumstances of the crime
through the chronological and logical connection of the discovered
facts provides an opportunity for understanding the crime, i.e.
to create a criminalistics version of the events, on the basis of
which the further operational procedures of criminal prosecution
authorities will be based. The general goal of this paper is a
criminal and operational analysis of the cash in transit vehicles
attacks, which should contribute to recognizing the shortcomings,
defciencies and weaknesses in the manner of securing, as well
as the ways of their detection, clarifcation and proving by the
criminal prosecution authorities.The paper will present the results of the researched criminological,
victimological and criminal-operational aspects of the cash in
transit vehicles attacks in the Republic of Macedonia in the period
from 2005 to 2016. In this regard, in order to review the criminaloperational acting after detection of the committed attack on a cash in transit vehicle, an analysis of a specifc individual case will be
made by describing the situation that had previously passed, the
criminal situation, the measures and activities undertaken for its
clarifcation and the consequences that arose from it.Through the
security analysis applied in the paper, the basis for improvement
and the creation of more efcient and effective ways of planning
and performing of the cash in transit and other valuable goods
should be created.


cash in transit; vehicles; attacks; criminalistics aspects; Republic of Macedonia

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