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New records of Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 (Brachyura, Calappidae) from the central Mediterranean

Carlo Pipitone ; CNR-IAMC, via Giovanni da Verrazzano 17, 91014 Castellammare del Golfo, Italy
Gianni Insacco orcid id ; Civic Museum of Natural History, via degli Studi 9, 97013 Comiso, Italy
Daniela Massi ; CNR-IAMC, via Luigi Vaccara 61, 91026 Mazara del Vallo, Italy
Bruno Zava ; Wilderness Environmental Studies, via Cruillas 27, 90146 Palermo, Italy

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Two specimens of the uncommon calappid crab Calappa tuerkayana Pastore, 1995 are reported from the central Mediterranean. One juvenile individual was caught in a trawl net at about 105 m depth on a detritus bottom, and one adult male was caught in a trammel net at 50 m depth in a similar habitat. Details about carapace ornamentation and fresh color of the adult, which complement previous descriptions are provided. Family Calappidae includes four species in the Mediterranean Sea. C. tuerkayana has been recorded a few times from its known geographic range. These are the southernmost records to date.


Mediterranean, Strait of Sicily, Calappidae, distribution, morphology, coloration

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