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Original scientific paper

Polar Interrogative Clauses in Croatian in a Diachronic and Areal–Typological Perspective

Ante Petrović orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu

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Based on linguistic literature, corpus data and elicitation, this paper off ers a description of polar question coding strategies in Croatian and presents their diachronic development. Under the assumption that
pragmatically motivated features such as polar question markers are areally diffuse, Croatian is put in the
context of European languages. An overview of interrogative constructions in selected ancient and modern
languages is presented, showing that there are certain areal tendencies, which are refl ected in Croatian as
well, and that the development of particular interrogative constructions in Croatian may be interpreted in
accordance with these tendencies.


polar question; question particle; Croatian language; European linguistic area; areal linguistics

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