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The Accessible Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites (AUCHS) as a sustainable tourism development opportunity in the Mediterranean Region

Angelos Manglis ; Atlantis Consulting SA, Thessaloniki, Greece
Anastasia Fourkiotou ; Thessaloniki, Greece
Dimitra Papadopoulou ; Thessaloniki, Greece

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This article is about the multi-dimensional value of the Accessible Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites (AUCHS) for coastal areas and islands in the Mediterranean Region, especially as an opportunity for sustainable blue growth. It is an attempt to underline the need for the broad promotion of Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) and to highlight the contribution of innovative technologies for direct and indirect accessibility to underwater cultural heritage remains. The paper further demonstrates how the AUCHS can become niches of touristic development for an area whilst offering multifaceted socioeconomic benefits to the local communities.


words: accessible underwater cultural heritage sites, knowledge awareness centers, sustainable tourism development, innovative technologies, Mediterranean

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