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Original scientific paper

Revisionism as a characteristic of authoritarian ex‑empires: a case study of Turkish neo‑Ottomanism (1990‑2020)

Janko Bekić orcid id ; Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia

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page 127-144

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Revisionism is one of the main drivers of international conflict in the 21st century. Sensing the weakening of US global leadership, countries with regional or great power ambitions, especially former empires, increasingly resort to threats and the use of force to alter the status quo in their favour. In some cases, this involves military occupation, and even annexation of foreign territory. This article takes a closer look at neo‑Ottomanism, Turkey’s revisionist foreign policy, and its gradual transition from a soft‑power to a hard‑power approach, which eventually led to Ankara’s military incursion and occupation of parts of neighbouring Syria.


revisionism, imperial nostalgia, neo‑Ottomanism, territorial expansion, Turkey

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