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Review article

Disinformation as Geopolitical Risk for Transatlantic Institutions

Daniel Hinšt orcid id ; Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis, Zagreb

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Disinformation has become a geopolitical risk for transatlantic institutions and for the global democratic alliance. Russia and China as authoritarian powers have had a long-standing interest to undermine the institutions of the liberal international order, led by the United States, the European Union and the NATO alliance. That way, disinformation can undermine trust in the liberal democratic system, including free market economy, individual liberty and open society. This geopolitical risk poses a significant threat to fact-based and evidence-based policymaking in many areas, including economy and security. Comprehensive counter-intelligence policy solutions can detect and mitigate this risk by ensuring broader institutional and societal resilience through lifelong civic education.


disinformation; geopolitical risk; transatlantic institutions; EU; NATO; liberal international order; authoritarian powers; fact-based policymaking

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